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  1. Yes...

    btw everyone, I'm in love with Macs. I'm getting a MacBook Pro for christmas, I shall be on the dark side on the 25th, arrg.

    ..*scrambles out door with tip jar*..

    It's good .. for a computer for study work. Not good .. for gaming. Yes, for me a PC must be able to play games or I refuse to acknowledge its existence! :lol: Although, I can't really say anything bad about it since I'm kinda a fan of Apple stuff too.

  2. WOW!! like that first one very Samurai Jackish. is that a plug in that you used for those fractals? if so pls msg me the name? Just downloaded the new PDN and so I keep detting lost in all the avail plugins. Thnx fer the gall, nice stuff. GS

    Thanks! :)

    The 'Samurai Jackish' piece was mainly done with brushes which you can find on DeviantArt.

    The fractals are rendered with Chaoscope, but you can also use Apophysis, but that might seem a bit harder to use at a first glance.

  3. I cleaned some registry issues from CCleaner.

    Turns out they were Photoshop registry files.

    So now I am stuck with an unfurled Adobe mass that refuses to uninstall. :(

    Just delete the whole folder from Program Files, the next time you try to uninstall it from the Control Panel, it will tell you that it's already uninstalled and will ask your permission to remove the entry from the list. Works in most cases. :roll:

  4. Anti-Rant:

    • [*:2v8amlvh]Physics test: A
      [*:2v8amlvh]Physics workbook: A
      [*:2v8amlvh]35 push-ups while worrying about my dislocate-able shoulder: A
      [*:2v8amlvh]Literature workbook: B
      [*:2v8amlvh]Social Studies test: B
      [*:2v8amlvh]Chemistry test: B

    Hmm, not too shabby.

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