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  1. I'm not sure if it would be appropriate since the piece is mainly done using brushes and there really isn't a tutorial how to use them because it's rather easy to adapt. I would like to direct you to this thread.
  2. It's good .. for a computer for study work. Not good .. for gaming. Yes, for me a PC must be able to play games or I refuse to acknowledge its existence! Although, I can't really say anything bad about it since I'm kinda a fan of Apple stuff too.
  3. Thanks! The 'Samurai Jackish' piece was mainly done with brushes which you can find on DeviantArt. The fractals are rendered with Chaoscope, but you can also use Apophysis, but that might seem a bit harder to use at a first glance.
  4. Just delete the whole folder from Program Files, the next time you try to uninstall it from the Control Panel, it will tell you that it's already uninstalled and will ask your permission to remove the entry from the list. Works in most cases.
  5. Rant: School starts tomorrow and I don't know at what time .. fortunately, I don't have any lessons tomorrow.
  6. What's the point? No matter who will win the elections every time a president is chosen, there will always be people who are not satisfied with the outcome and unfortunately, there's nothing we can do since we all bare the 'Freedom of Speech'. Let's just hope for the best and see how it goes.
  7. Umm .. is it just me or are most of your pictures deleted from 'Photobucket' ..
  8. The gameplay reminded me of Oblivion at times. I need to check out this game when I'm done playing other games.
  9. Happy Birthday, old-timer .. I mean Bolt. Have a good one! Cheers!
  10. Didn't the G1 have an open code which let's you do all kinds of stuff with it?
  11. Rant: I can't schedule an appointment to the Orthopaedics till December. :?
  12. Rant: I dislocated my shoulder .. again. It popped itself back in though. Hmm .. going to play some Splinter Cell.
  13. My dearest condolences towards Ember's family and friends. Ember will be sorely missed, including his spectacular work and enthusiasm. May he Rest in Peace.
  14. Gosh, this is bad news indeed. I've always admired his work. I truly wish him well.
  15. Hmm, you got some pretty sweet stuff here. I'll be definitely looking forward to see more from you. Keep 'em coming! :wink:
  16. oh... i've almost forgot, today seems to be the mentally challengend language day Nah, I just couldn't find a better way to express my over-hyped emotions.
  17. The skater girl is perfect. /takes his hat off.
  18. Anti-Rant: [*:2v8amlvh]Physics test: A [*:2v8amlvh]Physics workbook: A [*:2v8amlvh]35 push-ups while worrying about my dislocate-able shoulder: A [*:2v8amlvh]Literature workbook: B [*:2v8amlvh]Social Studies test: B [*:2v8amlvh]Chemistry test: B Hmm, not too shabby.
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