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  1. Thanks, mate, I really appreciate the positive feedback as it boosts my moral and forces me to come up with more ideas to explore. :lol:

    Yeah, the sizing can be a real pain some times. And resizing (even when maintaining the ratio) can ruin the fun sometimes as it might ruin the picture when the picture is rich from effects.

  2. I swear for a minute Overkill was jake2k but I'm probably mad. :?

    You're not the only one, this summer holidays seems to be reminding me about school all the time and as for my dad, he's always shouting at me to get off the computer.

    Maybe you couldn't differ me from Jake2k because of the avatar. If I recall correctly, it's made after one of his infamous tutorials. Yeah, he's a great artist.

    Ooh, you're two posts away from being 1337. :lol:

  3. I hate Summer.

    Your self-consciousness always reminds you that you'll have to go back to school soon. >_>

    I also hate the people attending to my school, they're such @%#holes.

    My dad's always complaining about my addiction for gaming/chatting/graphics designing and in a matter of fact - everything which has to do with computers. I'm just too lazy to do anything and I lack motivation to work with people because of their incapability of being a normal person rather than an arse. Come to think of it, I'm such a sad %#@€ that I practically hate everything.

    I wish I had a girlfriend or a cute maid I could constantly harass and tease ..

    Was that on-topic? :shock:

  4. Mine's after a Trash Metal band called Overkill. I can never forgive myself for being absent from their concert here. They're such old farts, I doubt they'll ever come back for a third show. :lol:

    Yeah, I know, I'm such a plagiarist; I just can't be arsed to come up with something myself, too much pressure for my brain. :mrgreen:

  5. siggyny5.png

    New signature. It's my first signature in which I used brushes. The dimensions are 500x200, but the forum limit is 500x150 - I forgot. >_>

    Re-sized it to ***x150, but I don't think it looks good this way, maybe too blurry. Might redo it when I have more time.

  6. Love your glass buttons. And if that fantasy island is 100% PDN than you are god.

    The island is 100% PDN, but most of it was done with brushes. I'm currently trying to improve my skills with them.

    Thanks guys, I really didn't think I would get such positive criticism. :)

  7. titlejo3.png

    A little bit about me and my work

    Well, first off, I'm quite a beginner, but that doesn't stop me from having my own gallery. I really fancy the arts of abstraction, modernism, retro, futurism and many others. I always like to try out new things and to see if I can handle something bigger and better.

    My work is signed with the name Silver since that's my real name - just to make sure I won't get burned for suspicion of plagiarism.

    The Showcase

    Since I'm still a simple nub, some of my work might resemble something you've seen in tutorials. Yes, I do follow tutorials for the sake of my well being.

    Abstract Art


    I'd say that 80% was done with brushes if not more.


    100% PDN.


    100% PDN.


    100% PDN.

    Photo Manipulation


    100% PDN, besides the stock.



    100% PDN, besides one small brush.


    The text&background is 100% PDN, other parts are done with brushes.

    Interfaces, Buttons etc.


    100% PDN.



    100% PDN.


    100% PDN.

    Fractal Art

    Currently everything here is rendered with Chaoscope. I know, they look plain.

    Be reasonable since I'm a total beginner at making fractals. :oops:















    That's all for now. More will follow after I've regained motivation/come up with some new ideas - which ever comes first.

  8. My goal never was to make it realistic as possible. It was to give it an "abstract" look if you'd like to call it that way. I agree that it wouldn't be the most realistic reflection, but a colorful shadow. I agree with you on all points you mentioned. Thanks for the help once more.

  9. Not really working. If I rotate the reflection, one end will rise and move away from the parallel tile which it is reflecting and a space will appear between them. It will still look awkward If I move the reflection under the object and move it further so the edge will attach to it's corresponding tile. Doing so will alter the reflection of several tiles (ex. a red tile's reflection suddenly becomes green). I will certainly keep trying and looking. Thanks!

  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a matching thread for my suggestions/questions. Well, it's about the wet-floor reflection plug-in. The thing is that it only generates a reflection only in one direction. I wondered if an angle knob could be added somewhere in the future. If anybody has some alternative routes to accomplish "multi-directional" reflection then I'd be more than grateful.

    Here's a small example of what I'm trying to succeed on doing ...


    This is a simple, yet stylish, volume radar if that's what you might call it. Notice how the reflection angle is somewhat pulled aside or tilted up, giving it an effect like the reflection is smoothly following the floor's surface. That's what I'm struggling for - control over the angle.


    Now, this is my version of the concept. This is just a test phase as I was just trying to see the final outcomes of this project. Notice how I lack control over the reflection angle and it leaves me with only one option.

    I can fully understand if this isn't possible or is hard to accomplish. I just thought that it would be for the best if I pointed this out.

    Thanks in advance, Overkill.

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