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  1. It's Romeo! Aenoix, if her dad stays only for the day then you should have no trouble getting your lady out of the building at night.
  2. Well, that's positive, right?
  3. Be a ninja and sneak in at night. If necessary, knock the old fool out with a bat. You could always climb into your loved one's room via her bedroom window if possible.
  4. Looks like someone is fond of Virtual Tuning. Nice work, keep it up!
  5. Ouch! Well, there are no rules in Love and War, so go for it. Ram the doors down and rescue your princess.
  6. So, you've born under a different race than your girlfriend?
  7. New pieces under the fresh category - Fractal Art.
  8. I'm going to try Chaoscope right now and decide between the two and then go forward using the preferred one.
  9. Just got Apophysis. I have to say, it feels quite confusing, although it seems that you can make amazing things with it.
  10. Thank you for the kind comment. As for the Asteroids piece; you nailed it. It consist of both splatter and fragment effects.
  11. You get your sandwich. But as you attend to your first bite you discover that the sandwich is a home for crazy, mutant ants who eat your digestive system. I wish I had a cute maid. What?! :shock:
  12. I'm deciding to learn doing fractals, but I have a few questions. I've heard a few software/program names like Aenhopsis or something similar. I was wondering; are they free like PDN? Are fractals hard to work with? I hope you didn't mind if I asked these here if it's not a suitable place. :oops:
  13. I really like the concept of your latest signature/avatar. I never thought about making the edges look fragmented like that. Very nice!
  14. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Trying to improve whenever I can.
  15. Ouch! I remember when I dislocated my shoulder in P.E with a stupid accident, it was about a week before the end of the school year. I felt so freaking embarrassed. I waited ages for the ambulance. And the freaking school nurse didn't know number of the emergency hot-line. >_> Then I was taken to the hospital where I had never been before, although it wasn't far from the school itself. Thank God my parents came by to pick me up. :oops: I had to get dozens of x-rays made just so the doctors could be sure that there are were no broken bones. Then they gave me a tranquilizing shot on my bum. Then later they just pulled it back in. Then I was patched up. They put bandages all over my body, my right arm was connected with my torso for TWO FREAKING WEEKS! They told me I couldn't wash for two weeks, but I used special damp napkins so clean my body from sweat as much as possible. I was basically like a pig baked in an oven for 14 days. It was so hot outside, talk about being shaded inside - it's just as hot. I had to fake I had an arm for all that time. I kept the right sleeve in my pocket all the time, just to give people some resemblance of an arm. This one time, I was going home with a classmate of mine, we we're sitting quite near the driver. An old lady came in and asked me to make some room for her to sit - there was a little bit of extra room for one person. She noticed my sad condition and apologized and said sorry. I found it quite amusing and was on the edge of laughter. Oh God, how I was relieved when I took off the bandages. It was the first time I had a normal shower after those long and hot two weeks. I could barely lift my arm above my gin since the muscles had died. A visit to the family doctor to get verification for my well being and that was basically it. Although, I think I had shifted my shoulder a bit out of place before the latest incident because the shoulder popped out amazingly easy. Oh, how I wanted to spit in the faces of those classmates who constantly kept saying that now it will dislocate more often since it has happened once already. Wow, I wrote a novel. I didn't notice that at all.
  16. New piece - Asteroids. Phew, almost made a new topic instead of replying .. >_>
  17. Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  18. Depends on what do you take teasing and harassing for. I didn't mean whipping on the back or a spank on the butt. I meant more like tickling & caressing. Come on, I'm not that much of a pervert. >_>
  19. Birth of a Hero. I think I got it off from http://www.dafont.com.
  20. Ooh, a melting eye, that's an interesting idea. It's great to see people come up with ideas which are totally uncalled for.
  21. Not to sound rude, but it's a tad small. It could also use some :AntiAliasingOn: and the planet itself could use a bit more definition. You should check Nabster's work, I think he even had a tutorial for one of his infamous Space work. Good Luck! :wink:
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