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  1. Try playing with your toes. They're there for a reason!
  2. Processor - 2.8Ghz Two CPUs.(2x2.8.) GFX - 7600GS (It's practically dead and I'm think about getting one of those 8800's so I could play GTAIV >_>.) RAM - 2gb HDD - 160gb Just a quick overview of my machine.
  3. Lol, RE4 for PC = bad purchase. I read about it a while ago in a magazine where it stated that the PC version totally sucks.
  4. I thought the layout looked different. I'm used to that there's another patch of boards under 'The Overflow'.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Hmm, the reason I've made thumbnails is to decrease the loading times for some people who might have a slower connection. The thing is that they're also in .PNG format. I'll see what I can do. I agree with your second query and from now on I will feature that information in my gallery.
  6. CB hasn't crashed for me yet besides the times I made it crash myself. I had too many brushes.
  7. What makes you think I'm from the U.S? :shock: Or did I misunderstand you? About coffee, I drink it very rarely since it doesn't have any specific effect on me ..
  8. I don't know. Mine had an awkward taste, basically no flavor at all. >_>
  9. My mum once made me tea and coffee for herself. She usually drinks her coffee with milk and she thought my tea was her coffee, so I ended up with a tea which is usually common in England. They do drink tea with milk, don't they? Well, the moral is that it tasted like bloody potato.
  10. We'll bear that in mind. Yesterday was a total waste. I was denied of the entrance to PDN forums. I didn't know what to do .. >_>
  11. Ooh, I might check it out. But my skills are limited to easy material. :oops:
  12. Whaaat?! I could do with the publicity.
  13. Well, then he could risk it and call her or he could send her a SMS. This may sound stupid and noobish .. but what's tagflow? Pardon me.
  14. Did you mean this? viewtopic.php?f=17&t=25287
  15. Well .. if you put it that way; you can keep mistaking me for your friend "Halo3Master" then.
  16. Well, going to her would be a solution, wouldn't it?
  17. Wow, thanks, I never thought you'd like it that much. I feel so .. special. :oops: Great, and I thought there were only a handful of people who'd use the name "Overkill" in online gaming and on forums. Thanks for the compliment.
  18. Go to her tonight, when her dad is not around.
  19. Wow, looks like fun. I sincerely hope it won't be that static "youcanonlycompletethisbydoingthislikethis". Let's hope it has variety in Ghost Busting.
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