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  1. Sorry for the post. I just realized that some of the effects are from another plugin, which I now installed.
  2. I just got a new computer and reinstalled Paint.NET. I tried to install the Ed Harvey Effects plugin, and the plugin error says it already comes with Paint.NET. I don't remember all of the effects, but I know for one that Render->Fire is missing. Is there a way to install this plugin, or are the effects there and I'm just not seeing them?
  3. I would like to be able to put text on a path (like arched on a circle). Is that possible in Paint .NET?
  4. I wish I could. I usually do that with photos of products for the websites when I want to rip out the background. Those are my parent's dogs, 800 miles away, and I took the photo when I was up there last week for Thanksgiving. I'm not having any luck with the masking. I haven't tried solarizing. Is that a plugin?
  5. Thanks, Oma. I think that solarizing is a good possibility. I'm interested to see how this will come out. It will be made into a framed tile mural. I also have individual pictures of the dogs that will go on custom stockings. I'll show the final results.
  6. Thanks to both of you. The image they use in the "easy way" has nice straight lines, which my photo does not, so that might make that method difficult. I'll take a look at the alpha masking too.
  7. I need to remove the background from this photo so it's just the dogs. I usually just use the magic wand, but some of the background color is too close to the dogs' colors. I've heard about masking, but don't know how to use it. Is there a tutorial? Would this photo be hard to do? Thanks for any help. Here's a small look at the photo. I have the original hi-res image.
  8. Mine. I was playing with a photo of M&Ms that I just shot with my Canon Digital Rebel just for fun. PDN is open with the image in a polar inversion.
  9. I have both Inkscape and Corel Draw, and I prefer to use Inkscape. It is definitely more user-friendly.
  10. Expiration Google Expiration may refer to: * Death * Exhalation * Expiration date (disambiguation) * Expiration (film)
  11. There should be a Browse button. You can browse to other applications that aren't on the short list.
  12. I like playing with fractals. I use Ultra Fractal. Here's one of my favorites. I've put this on mugs, picture frames, and mousepads, since those are some of the customizable products that I sell.
  13. I'm not familiar with the program. Do you mean that files created with it try to open with PDN? If that's the case, you can right click one of the files, go to Properties, and you'll see what the default program is. You can hit the Change button and browse to Unfreez.
  14. Thanks for testing it out. I guess I can just put the effect on a regular star and then place that on top of the original.
  15. That's odd. I took the same star and took out the stuff inside so it was just an outline. It turned out fine with pencil sketch. It's like the black part inside was affecting it even though it wasn't selected with the magic wand.
  16. I'm playing with my business logo for a shirt that I'm making and ran into something weird. Here is the original image: I selected the black stroke outlining the star and applied a pencil sketch. No matter what I make the values for range and pencil tip size, some areas are solid black. This is what I get. Does anyone know what is causing this? If this should have been in bug reports, I apologize. I figured that would be for program crashes and hangups. Thanks for any help.
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