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  1. Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: WHOAH; posted a bit too early. Sorry bout' that. Well this is what I've been doing with PDN the last couple of weeks. Very different from what has been shown on the forums lately. Thoughts ?
  2. Could've edited the top post be meh. It works. lol. It work's which is good to here. So you can lock this topic if you want =]
  3. When I turned my computer on today It down that 'chdsk' check thingy. I don't know if it fixed it or not. Let me check now..
  4. I tried downloaded/reinstall/update the new version of PDN v3.31. But nothing seems to work. I always get this when I manually reinstall PDN v3.31 from the main site. Whenever I enter PDN from then I get this. I don't know what it means. This is my last result. It's this or I am going to have to re - download Photoshop again. Please help me. This is the exact reason why I left Photoshop. If there is any more information you need to know to fix the problem then post below. For now. I need something = [. This is what my pdncrash.log says; EDIT; i think you might need to know. earlier
  5. m i s e r y . G F X . s h o w c a s e After my Photoshop had crashed I decided to use Paint.Net after a friend of mine recommended it to me. I started off with a rocky start as seen below with my first sig but gradually gotten better at it. a lot better. I'd like to advise you that for the sigs below I did not use any form of brushes besides the first one. But I don't think you'd count it [CLOUDS] as a brush. I just added a new layer, pasted the premade brush from deviantart.com and lower the opacity on which setting suits it best. Learned it from a tutorial to whom people said was a waste an
  6. Hello Yo. I was just wondering if there were any ways for me to get the following effects with my PDN. I've had it for like 6 months now but never actually discovered what it could actually do untill a couple months ago. So Yeah I'll get to the point. I'm wondering how I get the effects from below to do so on Paint.Net -- http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/726/ ... rt1ns0.png (Step 4) -- http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o151 ... -Mania.gif & http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o151 ... Defend.gif (He said it was the 'Hard Light' effect) -- http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z61/ ... r
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