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  1. This totally reminds me of those pom pom googley eyed sticker monster things with hats. Here is my attempt the purple one the layer rotate portion would not work on, but the other worked like a charm.
  2. Well I really wanted to try this out on a picture I took, but I guess I haven't taken any pictures of the outside of a car LOL. So I used a photo of my son in his halloween costume 2 years ago.
  3. Here is my first try on this.
  4. Here is my first one Here is my second one used a different gradient and added a crossbone
  5. amberdenver


    Well here is my try on this one
  6. Here is one of my attempts
  7. Some of these customer brushes are really :shock: amazing looking. Can't wait to try them out! Please keep them coming
  8. Here is an eyeball I created with a reflection of a baby in it.
  9. Sorry I am still fairly new in working with The gradient.dll plug in made by you and botbait, what exactly replaced it? How do you get the Square gradient? I found a diamond gradient, but that does not work very well. Oh and I am using version 3.22 as the newer version still has quite a number of bugs.