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    I liek paint.net alot! I use it for everything although I have yet discovered all its uses ^^ I like neopets too *blush*

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  1. hehe thats pretty cool It keeps me all hyponotized XD
  2. No I browsed for it but it really isnt there, I had one of those expert people work on the comp real fast through the desktop sharing where he controls, and he himself browesed and couldnt find it, either he sucks or it really isnt there. He directed me to winzip lol
  3. lol wow I probably wouldnt be able to do that, my stomach/abdomen still hurts lol but i shall start again soon, next time i wont do a million in one day XD In the mean time I will play DDR lol
  4. Thank you And yes I have to get feather plugin in a min for the jaggies
  5. FIXED! Thank you everyone. I found the problem. Somehow my compressed (zipped) folder dissapeared, so I had to get Winzip. I changed the prgram and now everything is working fine. Thank you to all of you, especially that video *huggles* I was doing teh right thing all along, there just wasnt a program to open them with any longer. But now everything is working perfectly, Im so happy!
  6. darn I still cant get my siggy exactly the way I want it >.> BTW 8/10 I really like that siggy
  7. Lol its ok I dont really liek it either it was a simple 1 min put together im going to make a new one, thast just temporary
  8. yeah i tried to change teh open with item but it only shows me things such as apint.net, arobe reader, notepad, micfrosoft works, etc. ill keep trying tommorrow its pretty late
  9. oh im sorry and yes I give lionheart a 10/10 I think its an awesome siggy (I finishedmine bte ill be putting it up later XD)
  10. Thank you for the rating, im making another siggy right now and messed up a tut i was following and ended up with a pretty cool effet which I have messed with to make my own its so cute. or maybe its already out there, prob is it almost looks like lighting...kinda....
  11. there I put mod at the title i hope thast what you meant XD And yeah what Imsaying is when I click to open unfreez, it TRIES to open with paint.net and of course it cant. and its a zip file I still cant get it to open normal.
  12. I agree with ya on the argument thing. Another rant: Why must we endure pain after working out? Eh I dont know, I wish we wouldnt though, I did 100 sit ups the other day and lets just say I'll be taking a break XD
  13. lol yup you sure were, im actually making the siggy right now but im not going to stop until it looks better than my current one since the one i have right now is kinda plain
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