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  1. Either I'm a total idiot, or my computer is, but I can't seem to open the file with IZArc or anything else for that matter...help? This looks like a FANTASTIC plug-in.
  2. Artsy fartsy... NEW (4/21/08): A new "twist" on the "iPod commercial": -------- My take at an "iPod commercial". I had my sisters move around while I snapped the photos: Used portions of the antiquing tutorial and then added an almost technicolor look to the starfish: (I can't find the stock image! The original starfish looked something like this: http://xpress101.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/seastar11.jpg Stock image here: http://blog.franto.com/wp-images/wallpaper_flower_in_morning_sun_small.jpg Antiquing technique: Stock image here: http://www.oregonscenics.com/p-haystack-rock.jpg Used a little bit of antiquing technique and messed around with the hue of the lotus. Stock image here: http://www.schubart.net/images/LotusFlower.jpeg I really enjoy recoloring flowers: Stock image here: http://www.hickerphoto.com/data/media/164/hibiscus-flower_10306.jpg Stock image here: http://z.about.com/d/healing/1/0/4/S/feg_hibiscus.jpg Stock image here: http://emiliewood.com/photos/june2005/7-june-05-flower.jpg Antiquing effect again with some blackberries! Stock image here: http://byteshuffler.com/rospo/blog/uploaded_images/Blackberries-739327.jpg My exploding planet, made from the exploding planet tutorial: Trying to figure out how to make a somewhat realistic planet/moon: Friends' wedding:
  3. I did a few of these myself. I took pictures of my sisters (just had them move around while I snapped photos), and then I used that selecting technique above ^. iRock, I totally did not mean to copy your name...Take it as a compliment...I thought I had heard it somewhere!!
  4. My cat is purring, pretending that she loves me because she wants me to feed her...it's still cute anyway.
  5. Your mom. I am really tired and should go to bed, but I'm still on Paint.NET forums...why?
  6. ...you've been reading these forums for over a month and you FINALLY decide to register.
  7. Speaking of the US government, has anyone seen the show from CBS called 'Jericho'? Quite the eyeopener. :shock: I would call it one of the most intelligent shows on television (when it WAS on...stupid CBS canceled it). Amazing, I say.
  8. Rant: Work was boring today, I'm tired, and I had a sinus headache this morning. And yeah, those blinky images are um...quite irritating. I was never a fan of those myspace glitter...things. Ugh.
  9. I LOVE this tutorial, but I feel like I'm not doing something right...grr. Here's my first try: EDIT: Ok, I like this one a bit better: EDIT 2: I FIGURED IT OUT. I was getting my layers mixed up...doh.
  10. I really like the one with the baby in the overalls and then the one above this post ^. Awesome stuff. It's great how such a simple edit can make a picture look so cool. I personally don't use these steps--I use the magic wand to select the portion I want to stay colored, copy the selection (ctrl+c), then I de-select (ctrl+d), turn the whole image to black and white under the Adjustments menu, and paste (ctrl+v) the colored selection, and it always pastes exactly where it should. I hope that helps. Here's a couple of mine (I took these pictures myself at my friend's wedding):
  11. I absolutely love the Majority plug-in. Here's a little something I did using it:
  12. I am quite new to Paint.NET, and I am still figuring it out (this is my first post here!). I was just playing around with clouds, ink illustration, and swirls--this is my current desktop image:
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