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  1. PdN is opening the file, but when I open it, it doesn't show the frames as separate layers. It just shows one Layer "Background" the first frame in the animation.
  2. Well, when I open it, it won't display the seperate frames as layers.
  3. Alright ... now, it is letting me select .agif and .apng as save types, but whenever I try to save it, it gives me THIS
  4. Ooohh ... thanks for the help. Really appreciate it~ Edit: Okay, now I have a couple more problems; it isn't letting me save the file as a .agif, and I don't know how to add the Plug-In.
  5. Heya, I've been using Paint.NET for a while now, and usually when I open an animated GIF file, it lets me see all of the different layers of the animation. Recently, however, it has not let me, and is only showing me the top-most layer. Did paint.NET take off the Animation feature? Why won't it let me see all of the layers?
  6. Uhh ... Hiya, does anyone here know how to make an effect similar to the picture?
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