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  1. Ok, so I wanted to work on a picture of mine and I tried to turn it into Black/White from the Adjustments>B/W. It showed up an hour glass..so then I waited like 5 seconds and it didn't turn black/white I tried it again but still didn't work. I tried to add Noise and it didn't work too. So, I restarted Paint.NET and tried it again but it didn't show any difference. Have any of you people out there experienced this or know or have a solution to this problem? Please help me out here. Thanks to whoever tries to help
  2. That's a pretty creative signature right there =] 9/10.
  3. Hey, I want to know how to draw a kid or either an adult because I'm trying to draw one and can t somehow get it to look like one, I tried searching but no luck so anyone has a tutorial or know one can you please post the link or tell me where it is? Thanks in advance EDIT:BTW,I'm trying to draw a teen or an adult skateboarding.
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