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  1. wrong forum i beleive u r looking for the pictorium
  2. I have read the topics i do all that and it still has the white
  3. so will that take the white out? like i have the vista orb on a white background and i just wnt the orb w/out the white
  4. ok, so i want to take the white background out of a picture. i saw a tut on it a while back but i cant seem to find it now does any1 wanna gimme a link or something? please and thnks
  5. yeah for sure bro gimme about a day b/c im about to go 2 sleep but when i get home 2morrow ill make a tut and send you the link
  6. I made one a while back. h/o and ill post the pic and if you want i can do a tutorial Edit: Heres the pic:
  7. hmmm i cant seem to find it ill keep looking tho thanks
  8. How do you erase a brush? and heres my ipod brush: Edit: Sorry if the image is a little altered. Im working on resizing it ipod.zip
  9. so i was wondering if theres anyway to make a picture look like the ipod commercials (pic is attactched) i know you can do it in photoshop thanks
  10. yes i know i was just posting to show mike how awesome his tips are lol :wink:
  11. thanks bro!! lol these forums r a lot better than photoshops
  12. ok so this is my first try any feedback is appreciated
  13. awesome!! thanks i already had the plugin, i just wasnt familiar w/ it i will post the finished pic here!!
  14. Ok, so im trying to get the sky and sun part of the attached picture reflect into the water is there any way to do this?
  15. what are some of the best plugins? ive been looking around and they're kinda hard to transcribe any suggestions?
  16. thanks!! u guys are a lot nicer than a lot of other forums
  17. also is my sig the right size? lol i knoww imma noob at forums
  18. Welcome to my Gallery Here's some of my recent work(newest stuff will always be at the top): ^hmm..something doesnt look right about this..i mite just submit it to the image hospital
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