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  1. lol u can use google too
  2. hmmm so u downloaded the ttf right? and its on your computer?
  3. hmmm yeah im still kinda confused post a screenshot and ill take a look at it
  4. ohh well im not sure if u can install them directly onto pdn I install the font onto my computer (right click on the font and click "install") and then when u start up pdn the font should be there Note: pdn only can use true type fonts
  5. It is very hard to understand what you are asking..
  6. i never said that.. but you can tell u render some parts of the images
  7. hmmm its nice a lot of rendering tho and simple techniques
  8. It looks good the skulls mouth looks like it need a little feathering but overall very nice not 100% pdn tho (thats not alwayz bad)
  9. thanks for the tip on feathering and yes i did take the pic of the tree im a professional photographer so i have all the equipment Edit: Heres another new pic
  10. hm it still looks bad can ny1 try to duplicate this and then tell me what they did?
  11. oh ok well i tried the clouds, and it didnt seem to work
  12. sorry i blanked when writing the title anyways yes the clouds
  13. im looking to make an image like this: (i kno its gif. but i just want to know if u can make the smoke) does any1 kno how to do this?
  14. Googe Rubrica http://www.rubrica.berlios.de/ lol i think its spanish?
  15. thanks for the screenshots trying it now
  16. lol hmm im confused on exactly what this does
  17. what does this do? my just turns back Edit: Nevermind i got it
  18. ok, so i just got codelab.. but i have no clu what to do w/ it.. can any1 provide me with some background knowledge on how to write codes?
  19. hmmm well can some1 post the link so i could try it? lol my schools kinda un high techy so i doubt theres any blocked content there... worth a shot i guess
  20. how can i put pdn onto a flash drive so i can run it on my schools computer?
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