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  1. woah ^ thats creepy lol but pretty awesome who likes my new sig?
  2. its nice but all images must be hosted off site (ie. photobucket, or tinypic) welcome to the forums!!
  3. hmmm loks amazing even tho i have no idea what it does lol but i do hav .net 3.5 haha
  4. why dont u just download winzip? its a lot easier http://www.winzip.com/index.htm
  5. @LFC4EVER looks amazing!! now maybe put some kind of senery in the background..like a crowed looking on great work! heres mine:
  6. Every1 post how old you are. im 15
  7. lol i need a matching sig and avatar hmmmmm *starts working on ideas*
  8. ha i have only 102 page views but i just signed up a couple dayz ago
  9. did u restart pdn after u installed the plugin?
  10. Edit:oops..forgot to rate sabrowns.. i like it..very simple..yet elegant 9 and a half/10
  11. thanks im working on some new stuff..so ill post it up shortly haha yeah..thats what the ppl on deviantART said
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