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  1. I think that the eye was your best work. It really stood out from all the others. Oh, and I love Doctor Who.
  2. I think that your abstracts are the best. Then again... I don't really like anything but abstracts.
  3. [35] Dr. Strangelove's Mutually-assured destruction system [10] Ender's Game's Molecular Disruption Device [35] Soran's Star Imploder from Star Trek: Generations [35] Death Star from Star Wars Love the Ender's series and Star Wars is overrated
  4. Ha! The HL2 sig made me laugh so hard (even if it wasn't the hardest one to make artistically speaking). All of your stuff is really good though.
  5. Salu: It also looks like there was too little paint and the paint is slightly anti-gravity when compared to the splash.
  6. Lego, I really like the ace combat sig, mainly because I'm a fan of the series Overall, I really like your work, But I think that your spacescapes are a little too blurry (just my opinion) Ya, good work, especially on the wallpapers.
  7. Just finished a project I've been working on. (Tyreal, the angel from Diablo) Something about it just doesn't look right. (It's in 720p) Things I like: His wings The blade of his sword Any suggestions would be helpful. (He has no feet, don't ask me why)
  8. I enjoyed the Sword of Truth series. starts with: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind Once you read the first one, you have to read all 13 of them.
  9. AH! I couldn't resist the spoiler. I really like the dragon one, It was really good. All of them were really good, but I really liked the dragon one. (I liked the dragon one)
  10. Oma, This is just my opinion but... The steps don't make too much sense. Look at the bottom step. Wouldn't it make more sense to place this step under the orange line? Also, (again my personal opinion) the two lines that connect the steps need to be a little farther apart, Just to give the picture a little more depth and the ladder the look as if it is a little more stable. I hope you get what I mean, and that this answers your question. (you were a little unclear.)
  11. ... you read all the posts in this thread, and then decide to sign up.
  12. I give your's an 8/10 It's nice and simple, just how I like it. But I don't think the curvy lines contrast enough with the background. That's just my opinion. Edit: Changed my sig. Here is the old one:
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