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  1. Ahhhh.... I really wanna do this tutorial, but I'm no good with alpha masking and anything. Now I'm trying out alpha mask and stuff like that. Umm, can you make me a signature similar to the one in your result in the tut?
  2. I sort of figured I was breaking the rules myself. But meh. I'm gonna try using your photoshop render sig tut combined with this.
  3. I skipped some of your parts. Made a desktop background too.
  4. Can you give me the link to the brush you used in your example?
  5. Please help me, thanks. My friends gave me some tips in improving my signatures. But I didn't know how to do them. 1.How do I sharpen my render? 2. How do I smudge my render in to the blackground? These are the signatures that I'm going to use the tips on.
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