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  1. Celtic's c4d pack was awesome isn't it? I like the color changing effect!
  2. Nice work! The vector signature, link to brushes?
  3. Simplicity :shock: is awesome :shock: while being awesome :shock: :o .
  4. Awesome work! Tutorial on please? Loving the sharingan eye.
  5. Hidden Content: No don't change your current signature. Use . Or Or Or Or keep your current one.... Lol. [offtopic] How the heck did you make that effect at the legs? Brushes and what else? FTW! How did you make ? I liked [/offtopic] Sorry for offtopicness but I couldn't resist. Hi Virus! I used spoiler tag cus my post was huge.
  6. Oh yea, smudge plugin? I looked inside your photobucket and I liked Never knew you made tech signatures.
  7. I like the text but..... Background needs to be lighter, and too much blurring on the right?
  8. Awesome brush sets you found. On my signature shop, I made this for one customer, . It isn't good, I was just trying out the brushes but meh.
  9. I think the text should be smaller. I like the clouds, how did you do that? And the brighter clouds surrounding render.
  10. Exactly! But thanks anyway.
  11. Exactly! But thanks anyway.
  12. New sig . CnC please.
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