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  1. wants a drawing pad...

  2. This is my go at it. Made it a dead fish planet. Hope you guys like it.
  3. Are you online right now cause i am? Also, have you added any text plugins yet?
  4. yea i downloaded it and its saved right now in my "local disk (C:)" drive. do u hav an i.m. it would be easy to talk to you that way
  5. Whut do u mean by puttin it "my computer" because i have to select a file and i cant install it anywhere.
  6. i mean text plugins like "->El&Font Gohtic! (TrueTypeFont)"
  7. Ive been trying to add Text plugins, but im not sure where to put them. I put them in the FileTypes folder and the Effects folder, but neither seem to work. Where do i save them?
  8. Im a new user and i think this is sweet, but at the end my car has a lil budge on top and i cant fix it. What did you do to make the roof combine with the rest of the car?
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