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  1. Thanks Ash! Muhhahaha plug-ins are sexy, you just killed my weekend!
  2. Can anyone give me some advice on making this glossy, like pyrochild's sig? I have tried to the various tuts for buttons, but they don't give the desired effect.
  3. Used three tuts to come up with the sig... still not happy with it.... Any suggestions?
  4. w00t! Thanks for the extremely quick reply. I assumed it wasn't feasible. I have no problem using CAD (clicky clicky) and thanks for giving me the heads up on the necessary file format.
  5. My apologies if this is a stupid question, but is there anyway to enlarge this picture without it getting heavily pixelated? If not, is it possible to bring CAD drawings into I'm trying to make a high resolution image of this so that it can be used for several different purposes. Will I be better off making a large outline of it in CAD and then making it look good with