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  1. The font on pandora is called "Docteur Atomic" and the text below pandora is done in a font called "Tiza" I got both of them from Thanks for the feedback! -Tristan
  2. Hi everyone I'm pretty new to this forum, so I hope I'm putting this in the correct place. I'm not necessarily "showing off" something that I have created, I'm posting more to get some feedback. I was approached about making a poster for my school's spring dance concert and I agreed to give it a shot. Pandora is the theme of the dance concert. The poster s supposed to be somewhat chaotic and incorporate things like cupcakes, monsters, faeries, masks, etc... A lot of esoteric kind of images as you might expect in something called pandora. I don't usually do graphic art, I'm trying to do this poster in PdN. It is my first shot with the program, but I am getting the hang of things pretty quickly (largely thanks to tutorials that I've been doing from this site - thanks). Here is what I have so far (these images are half the size of the originals): I also want to incorporate outlines of dancers like here (although I don't like the way I placed them and applied the transparent gradient here... definitely needs some tweaking): Does anyone have any ideas or techniques that would help to improve the poster?
  3. I thought this would go well with drew's tut (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22615) The result is a pretty cool personalized wallpaper. I dont think that I would use it as my own, but I do think that a kid would really like it. If nothing else, it gives the exploding planet a cool space background that is really easy to make. thanks for the tut!