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  1. Thank you  xod


    A very useful plugin. Thanks dpy.
    I know nothing about Japanese characters, but in the case of Latin seems that there are some problems related to the distance between them.


    Yes, I know. :)
    In Japanese, there are no problem. In the case of Latin ,there are some problems.
    Justify or change of pitch ignores the letter spacing of each font. 
    It is only to equalize.
    As far as I know, C # does not have a command of kerning or letter spacing. 
    Therefore, this can not be arranged like the MS-WORD.
    Thank you DrewDale , Lloyd  :)
  2. RotateZoom+ (Effects > Distort). Tested with 4.0.5226. Full error message: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Increment value 0.01 is invalid - it must be less than current Maximum (-0.5).

    Surely, the error is displayed in the Rotate / Zoom + v1.0. 
    (Configuration issues bicubic) 
    I fix it, and rebuilt v1.1 under the following systems. 
    win8.1 (64bit). NET Framework 4.5.1 Paint.net beta 4.0 .5226 codeLab1.8 
    It works correctly in my PC. 
    Hummmm ..... Strange. 
    However,it is a different matter , in 3.5.11, I noticed that the plug-in does not appear.
    There may be something to do with the error of v4 that EER is shown. 
    I was rebuilt same Plugin under the following systems in another PC 
    win7SP1 (32bit). NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Paint.net3.5.11 codeLab1.8 
    This works on  all my PC
    win8.1 (64bit). NET Framework 4.5.1 Paint.net beta 4.0 .5226 and 3.5.11  
    win7SP1 (32bit). NET Framework 4.5.1 Paint.net beta 4.0 .5226 and 3.5.11 
    win7SP1 (32bit). NET Framework  3.5.SP1 Paint.net 3.5.11 
    winxpSP3 (32bit). NET Framework 3.5.SP1 Paint.net 3.5.11
    Zip is dll and cs file.
    Please test the v1.11 when you have time.
  3. I tried a few hours the beta. It is very good. Thank you.
    By the way, I noticed the two bug(?)

    Case 1:  When I am using multiple layers , I select top layer or other except the background layer.
    "Image" > "rotate"   ;  move to the background layer selection.
    this is maybe bug.


    Case2: When I used ”Eraser"
    the  value of RGB was lost.
    Bug ?  Specification?
    In 3.5,When the value of ” A”  set to 255 from 0 (using curve+)
     ,  Original Image  appear.

  4. To  AncestryInsider


    Thank you


    Yes , I was distributed  the channel mixer in my site at past.(only Japan)
    But , it was the practice of plugin , when I started making the plug-in.
    It is over.
    There is no new version, and it does not even support.
    As EER written, my official plugins  are only here.

  5. Windows 7 64 bit

    6GB RAM

    AMD A8-3510MX processor

    Image size 1500x2000 px

    PDN Version 3.5.10

    Plugin pack Version 7

    I was simply running the plugin on default settings as I've done hundreds of times, so I have no idea what happened.


     I tried Various, I could not get the same results.
    However, your pdn crashed. It is the truth and I believe.
    Now, I was not able to determine the cause,
    Thank you for your report.
    If we had De Lorean・・・
  6. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26045-invalid-parameter/#entry387486


    I'm not sure if this really was a problem with the plugin because I've never seen a plugin crash without a log. However, BoltBait locked the thread, so here I am...


    It was a real shame to hear that your work has been lost.
    BoltBate judgment is correct.
    Because, trouble happened with my plug-ins.
    But, unfortunately, I do not know the cause.
    Please tell me the situation you are having trouble.
    OS, PDNVer, plug-in Ver, canvas size, (*** x *** px)
    My PC
    I using OS WinXp sp3 (32bit 2GB), Win7 (32bit 4GB), Win7 (64bit 8GB)
    I am not using Win8
    PDN Ver 3.5.10 only
    I do not know whether I will be able to resolve this problem in my skills. 
    (Maybe you know , sorry, my english is no good) 
  7. Hello Bruce

    I like this plug-in.

    Today, I might have found a bug of Motion Blur.

    There is trouble on large size image.

    This image was expanded to 200% of the sample of Win7.

    (1024x768)> (2048x1536)

    And I use at about 90 degrees (GPU) MotionBlur.

    A similar result was also about -90 degrees.

    The original size (1024x768), but this is not a problem.


    My PC

    pdn v3.5.10

    Hardware Accelerated Blur Pack v2.3

    win 7

    Core i3

    RAM 8GB

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

    dpy Reported.

  8. To yellowman and dug

    Thank you.

    I was so helpful.

    Certainly, this option is able to change the pitch, it is not to fix the pitch. :lol:

    English is dificult for me. :red:

    This option is very similar to the tracking, but fundamentally different .

    Sure, I was going to mimic the tracking of photoshop.

    But I can't. :mrred:

    Process of this option

    Decomposed to a character from text

    get center of character width

    replace to distance of specified pitch

    Its all

    "Manual pitch" I liked. :D

    I would like to rewrite to"Manual Pitch" from "Change to Fixed Pitch Font" .

    What do you think?

    To Red ochre

    I'm glad you praise :D

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