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  1. ok.. i am having lots of trouble with this PDN. I can't figure out the photochopping stuff (it is written based on Photoshop not PDN)

    So, does anyone hear do any automotive related photochopping??

    Topics wanted: lowering car, graphics (in general really), bodykits, backround change.

    Thanks in advance

    PS- sorry for being so needy.. just getting flustered...

  2. got back into it today. i;m lvl 55, with all skill stats also lvl 55. yeah.. add me. avenging tn

    Well how many people do you think actually still perfectly to the rules? Except for staff and Mods, I think every player has done something against the rules at one stage or another.

    i have 3 black marks lol!!!!

    man the new trade thing blows...

  3. That is far easier. I have tried that method before though. No matter how much i move the slider, nothing happens.

    And my Paint.NET looks nothing like that. I love ur windows. They look so much more clean.

    So like what am i doing wrong. like i select an are and play with the sliders, yet it stays same color.

    Please help guys. sorry for being such a pain in the behind.

  4. oh. Well yeah. So i searched the site again and saw DeathBlazes tut on painting a car. Its helpful, but is there any other way to paint a car?

    I am still having troubles taking say a rear bumper from a Holden Commodore and putting it on the new Holden commodore. ( i like it more rounded) I always end up with "overflow" like I don't have a steady hand so when i try to trace it & select it, i get more than I wanted, and the majic wand selects even more unwanted picture area.

    Its hard for me to explain. I ain't good with this whole bloggin thing yet.

    Do you know what I mean?

    PS- I hope someone develops a polygon selection tool for this program soon. It would be the best program around if it did.

  5. Hi. I am new to this whole Paint.NET thing. Tried it out cause I can't afford Photoshop.

    I am a photochopper in the making and I am having problems with Paint.net. Unlike most other photo editing softwares, you don't have a polygonal selection tool. This is were the trouble comes in. It is almost impossible to transfer body kits or paint a car with the majic wand or the lasso tool. (for me at least)

    Has anyone created a polygon selection tool for Paint.NET?

    If not, can someone please help me paint a car and transfer items using Paint.NET?

    Thanks all in advance!

    PS- a brit site eh. pretty cool minus the odd time. its only 7:50 here on the east coast of the US of A.

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