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  1. ok.. i am having lots of trouble with this PDN. I can't figure out the photochopping stuff (it is written based on Photoshop not PDN) So, does anyone hear do any automotive related photochopping?? Topics wanted: lowering car, graphics (in general really), bodykits, backround change. Thanks in advance PS- sorry for being so needy.. just getting flustered...
  2. hmm. no smudge tool ok ok, how do i use the clone stamp then??
  3. got back into it today. i;m lvl 55, with all skill stats also lvl 55. yeah.. add me. avenging tn i have 3 black marks lol!!!! man the new trade thing blows...
  4. Here is the victim http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o151 ... opbase.jpg i know, its not finished, and has a lot of stuff wrong with it, that is because i stopped dead in me tracks the reason: the ginormous crease/seam my friend on another forum suggested using the smudge tool, How do I??
  5. I have 3.22... OMG! SO yeah like i tryed again and it worked. i guess i did something wrong. thanks for all ur help guys.
  6. That is far easier. I have tried that method before though. No matter how much i move the slider, nothing happens. And my Paint.NET looks nothing like that. I love ur windows. They look so much more clean. So like what am i doing wrong. like i select an are and play with the sliders, yet it stays same color. Please help guys. sorry for being such a pain in the behind.
  7. What was wrong with the title? Anyway. That is the way to tint windows. I know that. But how do u use it to paint a car? And as for the plugin. I downloaded it and nothing happened. Any other ideas guys??
  8. (*swaps keyboard with person next to him*) Ok so like I am really frustrated. I have spent all day looking at tuts for painting a car in paint.NET. None of them work. I have tried them all. Is it my software? Do I just suck that bad? (don't answer that one) Can someone please show me the easiest way to paint a car? Thanks, Dave
  9. coolio. I will try to use some of these new methods. Thanks guys.
  10. oh. Well yeah. So i searched the site again and saw DeathBlazes tut on painting a car. Its helpful, but is there any other way to paint a car? I am still having troubles taking say a rear bumper from a Holden Commodore and putting it on the new Holden commodore. ( i like it more rounded) I always end up with "overflow" like I don't have a steady hand so when i try to trace it & select it, i get more than I wanted, and the majic wand selects even more unwanted picture area. Its hard for me to explain. I ain't good with this whole bloggin thing yet. Do you know what I mean? PS- I hope someone develops a polygon selection tool for this program soon. It would be the best program around if it did.
  11. Hi. I am new to this whole Paint.NET thing. Tried it out cause I can't afford Photoshop. I am a photochopper in the making and I am having problems with Paint.net. Unlike most other photo editing softwares, you don't have a polygonal selection tool. This is were the trouble comes in. It is almost impossible to transfer body kits or paint a car with the majic wand or the lasso tool. (for me at least) Has anyone created a polygon selection tool for Paint.NET? If not, can someone please help me paint a car and transfer items using Paint.NET? Thanks all in advance! PS- a brit site eh. pretty cool minus the odd time. its only 7:50 here on the east coast of the US of A.
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