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  1. How would you cut out an image from a pic and the paste it onto a different pic? For example..If I wanted to cut the horse from this pic: And paste it onto this background: How would I do that? :?
  2. This is my new and improved pic!! This tut really works! Thanks!!
  3. This is what I got...Did I do something wrong??
  4. Now all i need to know is how to cut out an image to stick on the background... would I use the lasso tool?
  5. I'm confused. How do I cut out a pic? :LassoTool: Do I use the lasso??
  6. Can someone make a tutorial on how to make a background for an image? And I wanted to know how to put like two pics on like one backgrond also. Thanks!!!
  7. Im confuzzled!! If you make a pic and want to say...send it to someone or put it on a myspace how would you do that?? Like how would you get a html code or can you? You guys have probably no idea what I'm talking about but....oh well its worth asking!!
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