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  1. Oh! Sorry about that pyrochild, I didn't even realize...I thought it was legit Thanks for the warning cheers, Paul
  2. Here is my Nebula attempt I added an extra layer, and did the same for a reddish colour on top of the blue one cheers, Paul
  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial jerry533482 For anyone who couldn't download the plugin from the original link, I managed to find the colour filter plugin here: <snip> EDIT: @jerry533482 - since your other two star and galaxy tutorials have 'timed out', do you have those anywhere else? cheers, Paul
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to scroll (not sure of the term) an image so that when the pixels move off one edge, they wrap around to the opposite edge without losing any pixels? Obviously, I can select all of an image, and move the selection in one direction, but you lose any data if it moves off the edge of the image of course. I have tried searching these forums, but haven't come up with anything... Perhaps someone has written a plugin that I haven't seen that does this? cheers, Paul
  5. So does ANYONE know how I could make very basic plugin (effect, or similar) for Paint.NET that will take a current selection and write all the selection parts to a text file for later use? An example text file output might be (containing all the selection parts for the whole selection): .txt (left,top,right,bottom),(left,top,right,bottom),(left,top,right,bottom),(left,top,right,bottom),.... Obviously I don't understand Paint.NET enough to get this working cheers, Paul
  6. Hi BoltBait, even with the render function being called hundreds of times, wouldn't each selection be unique? My plugin code below still gives me the same error when run even thought the file names should be unique each time I would have thought: void SaveSelectionToFile(Rectangle rect) { String str = String.Format("C:\\Sprites\\{0},{0},{0},{0}", rect.Left.ToString(), rect.Top.ToString(), rect.Right.ToString(), rect.Bottom.ToString()); String fi
  7. Wow! That was a fast response, thanks! Unfortunately, now I am getting this error from CodeLAB (during it's compile) and Paint.NET if I save as DLL and try running it that way instead: System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file 'C:\MyTextFile.txt' because it is being used by another process. Any ideas? It seems more likely that I am going to have to move to Visual Studio instead... cheers, Paul
  8. Hi all, I am making a PC port of a Nintendo Game & Watch hand-held game called "Mario Bros."; see this sped up youtube video of the game being played http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=--zl4Fl5IqU Anyway, I have a bitmap containing all the LCD sprites (black bits making up the characters, etc). that I need to enable/disable via the game code to create the animation sequences and I now want to separate the sprites into separate bitmaps. To make my life easier I wanted to see if I could make a Paint.NET plugin that would take the current selection from my LCD bitmap and save all the recta
  9. @Ash: thanks, but I think that is too fiddly for my liking. @willgoss: an interesting method, but I am having trouble with moving the curve to do just simple lightening/darkening. Thanks for the info guys :-) PS: Do you think I should start a new feature request thread for this feature? cheers, Paul
  10. Hi all, I have done a search on the forums, and looked at the "Popular Feature Requests" list but I can't seem to find out if this is possible (or even requested). I have played around with Tilestudio (http://tilestudio.sourceforge.net/), a free program that amongst other things allows one to make tiles (or sprites). Two of the painting commands allow drawing over pixels to lighten or darken them - which I find extremely useful for doing shading, etc. Is there anyway of doing this sort of thing in Paint.NET instead? It would be good if it works with more than just the pencil tool - lin
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