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  1. Ok, at least its not an eyeball. The pic is huge. I took a little time with the planets...not so much on the space around them.
  2. @usedHONDA-That's right, I use an add-on with firefox that keeps the favicons for bookmarked sites just below the toolbar. It keeps me from having to use the drop down bookmarks, just click on the icon to go to the bookmarked page. This site has the sad little blank page icon.
  3. I think it a little odd that this forum doesn't have the best favicon ever, not to mention no favicon at all. you should have a favicon contest...or not. That is all. T.
  4. Yes, I am green at this stuff so give me some time to expand my range a little. :oops:
  5. Hello, I am a complete P.Net noob (or any image editing software for that matter) so please be kind. I found P.Net a couple of days ago and made a couple of pictures. For what it's worth, here they are. Made an eyeball. Made a background for my Smartphone. (Motorola Q) Tried to make a space picture. Comments welcome T.
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