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  1. So how's it going? Is it there yet? Just curious :wink:
  2. I say, go for it. Try if you can give the wings a better reflection, I'm not happy about my result :? (it doesn't shine enough)
  3. Ok, I'm to lazy to redo this tutorial for the tutorials+ section, but a link is the least I can do.
  4. Hi, I tried the plugin to make a simple cursor and use it in a visual studio 2005 project. But it keeps bugging me that it's the wrong filetype or the file is damaged. I just saved an 32x32 image (with transparant background) as a cursor file. I'm using Paint.Net 3.22. I also tried saving it as an icon file, but I got the same errors, saving the file using IcoFx gave no errors. So, I'm thinking the plugin doesn't work, or not 100% correct? Do I need the .net framework 3.0 maybe?
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