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  1. Is there a way to make small changes to the translation file myself? If not, who do I contact about wanting to make those changes? Specifically, the problem I have is that the keyboard mnemonics are quite messed up. Several menus have conflicting mnemonics, and some items have no mnemonics at all. I want to fix that. Thanks!
  2. I tried to install Paint.NET in a directory other than the default path. The installer created a system restore point and then showed the following error message: Note that the error message mentions the default installation path. It should not attempt to access this path when I've told it to install somewhere else. After that, it showed a dialog claiming to be finalising the system restore point: but actually the installer was hanging at this point. It did not finish even after 1½ hours, at which point I closed it. The actual application appears to be working correctly despite these problems.