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  1. Thank you all for taking interest in my question! I wasn't able to recreate what carmudgeon did, my best efforts was with diagonal lines/bevel/emboss... However, what I really want, is to create a small-scale, seamless pattern template, that can be used as an 'overlay' for several different textures, creating that padding effect. But when using diagonal lines on a small square (25x25) it doesn't seem to center in the square, thus creating a pattern that isn't seamless. Am I using it wrong? Thanks again, Sansorio
  2. Hi there, I want to create a padding effect on an existing texture. See this picture for an example. So basically I want to create recessed stitches to create a square-padding effect? Is there any plugin that would allow me to do this? I've downloaded quite a few (warm thanks to all you excellent scripters), but for a newbie it's kinda hard to keep track of all the possibilities. So thanks for reading, Sansorio
  3. Thanks guys, I'm going to give those a try. Though, it's 2D I'm doing right now... Sansorio edit: for future reference, is there a correct term for what I was asking?
  4. Hi, is it possible to use PdN to 'bend' an image into a curve or other non-linear shape? The photo-floodfiller I've been using doesn't cut it... So if my image is a rectangle, can I make the whole image into an arch, while maintaining the correct aspect ratio of the image (make it adjust to the new shape)? Thanks, sansorio
  5. Hi guys and gals, I've been using PdN for a short while and have stubled upon a problem I can't figure out, and can't find any answer to using search. So here goes: To save you from reading it all, in short what I'm asking is this: 1. How can I (easily?) change the colour of parts of an existing texture while keeping the shadows/creases/outlines? 2. Is it somehow possible to make a selection and then fill that selection with a texture/pictures instead of just a colour? The long story: I want to change the colour/texture on an existing texture sheet, while keeping the shades and creases i
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