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  1. Have you tried to install it from D:\ or other partition than C:\? I solved an installation error this way.
  2. NSIS Error - Error launching installer. Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, 4GB RAM, i5.
  3. This tablet is plug'n'play under Vista. I've installed MacroKey software from the CD provided. Tablet works fluid under other graphic drawing programs, but not under Paint.NET. MacroKey utilities recognise other programs, but not paintdotnet.exe. I will try a reinstalling of the Paint.NET.
  4. Hello! I use Paint.Net to draw street maps of my neighbourhood, in Bucharest, Romania. I started this project about 8 mounths ago and i'm very pleased about the posibilities of that software. Also, i use it to crop photos or to write adnotations on them. Recently i've bought a Genius G-Pen F610 graphic (drawing) tabet. I'm very pleased about how it works under Vista and Office 2007, but i needed to draw my maps with it under Paint.NET. So, i've tested, and i found it didn't work very well. First of all, drawing is not fluid, like on other programs. I've tried both paintbrush and pencil, but
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