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  1. I made both of these using this tutorial however I didn't use the rainbow part because I liked the look without it =].
  2. After trying to run it as an administrator and trying to reinstall paint.net and this plug in it still doesn't work =[. *edit* Fixed the problem =] I forgot I used to have this installed and had created the custom brush folder.. after deleting it paint.net no longer crashes when I use the plugin =D.
  3. Re-installing it didn't fix it =[. Could it be that I'm running vista or is that not a problem?
  4. I have been getting the same error as olli any ideas of how to fix it?
  5. Awesome tutorial heres what i got I like it.
  6. This tut looks awesome and looks like it has really cool results I'm going to try it now.
  7. Nice tutorial very easy even for people new to PdN like me.
  8. Yeah I liked Halo 2 much more then Halo 3, but I was in line at midnight and got the collectors edition of Halo 3 with the spartan helmet.
  9. [20] Computer Graphics [5] Film [95] Music [25] Traditional Drawing Go music! :twisted: I think music will win followed by computer graphics and traditional drawing and film dies soon.
  10. I used to play until I got hacked , still have the account nothing on it though Ssomaster373 around level 82? Haven't touched it in around a year.
  11. 28 weeks later? Amazing zombie movie for those who haven't seen it, also it is much better for then 28 days later in my personal opinion. Even though the zombies do tend to have a little too much blood right after they become zombies. 9/10
  12. I voted for world of warcraft even though I played runescape for much longer, world of warcraft is an over all better game.
  13. [30] Computer Graphics [20] Film [90] Music [25] Traditional Drawing
  14. thwaps TopHATslash with a soda for me not finding this sooner
  15. [45] Computer Graphics [40] Film [80] Music [20] Traditional Painting [45] Traditional Drawing PdN
  16. My friend just showed me this download accelerate called downloadthemall! for Mozilla Firefox which he said can increase your download speed by 400%. After testing it it brought my kbs from 330 to 550 so not quite what my friend said it was but still an improvement . I also voted for Mozilla Firefox. 8)
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