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  1. @Spirit Scout Koll...7/10 Was lookin for something on Forum and saw this thread so had to post ,we have the same thread at THL COME TAKE A LOOK 8) http://thehobbylounge.com/forum/index.php?topic=4211.0 BreeZeR
  2. @ASH I Followed the TuT ,tO THE Exact Step and see everyone else has no prob! i opened PDN ,Drew a Round Rectangle with the primary color set to grey then it says to add new layer and do drop shadow ,but im not getting any shadow ? what am i doing wrong is the image or object have to b Drawn on a transparent Backround? i dunno ,Please Help sorry if i sound dumb Ash but i want to learn this :shock:
  3. Hello Rick Love Your Work and Plug-Ins,Hopefully one day i can create stuff like this to give users the benifits PaintDotNet Does.I Am New here and am Still have a lot to learn.With God's will this will happen with PDN's Always Updated Product :o Thanks Rick I Think I'm Using The Most Recent Version Of PDN,IF NOT WILL UPDATE Although Beta Trust PDN to always pull through.One more thing i looked in Effects ,but can't find the Shapes3D Plug-In.Any Info. will Help Thank Again :arrow: Bye
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