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  1. Hey guys I have been working on the sig for quite a while now and I only have one thing left to do and that is to make the ball in the center look more realistic in the center if you guys have any idea please fell free to tell me because I think this will be a good sig when it is done.
  2. Hi guy I was wondering if you could help me get an effect like this one coming out of the renders cannon arm. I have tried many things but can get it to work. this is the pic that I was reffering to. This is usedHONDA's sig
  3. Here are two things i recently made ^^This i made with -Expiration's- Helio ignite sig tutorial well at least I made the blast thing from samus' arm with his tut^^ ^^This i made cuz i was bored^^
  4. Hey guys I am kinda new to pdn and I have been seeing sigs with horizontal lines on them like this one. That's darkshock's sig Sorry I didn't ask before but I couldn't find any other ones at this time. As you can see to the left of the render you can see those horizontal black lines and I know how to make them vertical but sideways like that it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out here
  5. i didnt know i double posted sorry
  6. hey i combined what you told me on how to make my render come out of the sig and the flame from the helio ignite tut. I think it worked out quite well
  7. Use the magic wand tool and then adjust the tollerence( you can find that in the center of the task bar) to about 5% and then delete all the black. Then use the rectangle select tool to cut out the skull thingy.
  8. This is what i got when i did pyro's sig But that's my point, I guess. I didn't follow Pyro sig's tutorial. I got confused so I made up my own steps. Where did u get stuck? Maybe I can help
  9. Great tutorial. But i was wondering if there was a tutorial on how to make a sig like -Expirations- with the sword coming out of it cuz I have tried many things but could get the same effect.
  10. Here are two things I made while i was just fooling around ^^A random sig that I made cuz I was bored^^ ^^Something I made from my mom in my spare time WWG are her initials^^
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