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  1. actually no... just the opposite really : ) Take from other sources and make your own art. it is a lot of fun and you come out with som egreat stuff! A lot of peopel say to only use stuff you've drawn yourself. Not everyone can draw wel though... some of us are better at takign what other people draw/take pictures of and showing our take on it by modifying it. the reason I asked ot see what you were working with is because it is hard to tell what you have done vs what you picked up. You were asking for critique and we can;t give it if we don;t know what you did.
  2. well, you may be a paint.net noob but you are showing that you have experience with some graphic design. I am wondering how much of this you did vs how much you pulled from here and there. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of pulling from multiple sources and mix/matching. Just hard to critique is all I am saying, not knowing what the origonals looked like. Only thing I woudl say is get some pluggins if you haven't yet. Check out the pluggin page here. Get all of the pyrochild and EdHarvey ones to start with
  3. its taking about layers I think. not sure you need to hide any layer, but if you are following instructions go for it.
  4. So I love to play this fun little game. you can go to google and search for random numbers and see what you coem up with. personally I like to use http://toothpastefordinner.com/livejournal-pictures.php for rando pictures careful with that though.. it is seriously random... some of it is nsfw. anyways, pic a picture from that nonsense and do it up anyway you want. post results here. I found a black and white picture of a samurai, and I thoroughly enjoyed making a pop art style rendition of it. I think the Pop Art movement works well for this, because it involves using other peoples work to say what you want to say. I love you guys who paint all your own stuff from scratch, but this is what I love to do and I bet there are more of you out there like me
  5. Maybe shoot for a picture of our savior that is near the same contrast/color scheme as the goggles. use the rotate zoom feature to tilt the gogs till they look to be about the right angle
  6. DrususZypher 7/10 I love the tiger! It is just the font that gets me I just got Paint.net a bit ago and have been playing around with it. My sig is one of my first serious projects
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