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  1. I spent a while reading all the rules, thanks.
  2. 0_o Ill update it later. Thanks, so your saying once I get this installed it will work? Thanks!
  3. Why do I need to upgrade to use the forums?
  4. I think I know that, Im in pdn, theres no option for codelab..
  5. I downloaded code lab but I can't get it open. Where do I get it open?
  6. Ok, I guess I am on my own, I guess if I figure out how to I can right a simple tutorial on it, but thanks anyways!
  7. Is there a way that I could take a tutorial with C++ instead of C#? Unless C# is pretty much like C++.
  8. I know a little C++, but I don't know how I would go about making plugins for this, are there any tips? Andthing that I should know how to do? because I really wanna make a plugin, so if you have any tips and comments, anything would help!
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