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  1. and still after i drag the fonts to the fonts of my pc they wont appear in paint.net i have windows vista can anyone help?
  2. Hey man, i really like your designs did you do them using paint.net if so, make a tutorial it is really cool 9/10 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  3. your sig is kind of funny i likey i lubb that movie too =]
  4. i guess i will just restart =]] its okay and by the way is there any good topics on how to make/create sigs from scratch lol thx for your help guys
  5. WOW =[[ so sad i will restart then i guess and sorry about breaking rule number six i re-read the rules =]]
  6. it wont work i tried the feather already it wont take the white lines away =[[
  7. okay so im trying to do this sig but i wanna get rid of the white lines around "sephitot" i dont like them anyone knows how to =]]
  8. WOW MAN so fast quick ans easy =]] thx so much this is a great way to do it it worked for me
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