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  1. Is there any way to customize the standard fonts? IE is it possible to raise the lettering to create a 3d sort of effect?
  2. I still cant find why im getting the checker board. I go to paste in to new image and in order for me to get what i want to do i have to paste another copy of the same exact thing to the new image (2 copies) whats the point of that?
  3. now its not. i select post in to new layer. the only way i cant get checker and i post it. then it posts another image. confusing.
  4. i cut it this time and it still has checkers. im using the eraser on the cut image and the board shows up in the erased area. i want to see the image im pasting to underneath the erased part.
  5. Whats with the gray checker board? I cut and paste an image to another image and i cant get rid of the checker boar on the other image. What do i do?
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