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  1. because you cannot be helped if you do not have the latest version of PDN
  2. hey! i really like this idea would it be cool if i made lets say a....high school?
  3. ouch i know it isnt as good as some of the other sigs on here...but stupid....its cool though ima change it soon :oops:
  4. well what color do you want it to write in? and make sure that the background color does not match the text color
  5. haha i would have to disagree wit this statement i think PDN is an EXTREMELY userfreindly program and the text should come up the color you have chosen for your primary color...
  6. i like the use of transparency and distortion effects in this one 8/10
  7. dunno exactly what javert means but it sounds like it could be a name or have a story behind it 7/10
  8. or it could raise the crime rate because the black market would sell them at higher profits knowing that criminals would have no choice but to buy them anyways because there would be less likelihood of a civilian owning one for self defense
  9. i just made mine so i could join this lol but anyways i like sabrowns it looks good and i jus noticed a "rate the avatar above you" was started so i might make an avatar too
  10. lol okay thank you and i just found a website that does the coding for you so i am pretty sure this isnt against forum rules so i will post the url jus in case anyone would like to use it click here
  11. what it does is you can take an image and place coordinates on it so that every different part of the image will act as a link to a url such as what is done here but i personally would use it on a larger scale
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