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  1. hmm i just tried this out & i think itll fix what im looking for. so tnx, ill see what else it can do 8) tho 2bad its all so complicated, for such a stupid action
  2. wow, thats cool & ye it solves the picture i made in the first post, tnx a lot but what if i want, to fix this: this windows logo has a transparent background, but as u can see, it isnt very nice cut so id like to erase straight-edged with some kind of erasing tool as im showing here with the pink line to end up with straight, anti-aliased edges isnt there a tool that lets me erase like that?
  3. mmmmm ye ive allready downloaded an anti-alias plugin but the result is not what i want. but tnx anyway
  4. hi every1 ive been using paint.net for quite some time & it truly is the best program ever. Nevertheless I'm still missing this little thing image a stupid picture like this: but i want the sides of this blue thing to be perfectly straight now if the background is white, i can easily draw a thick white line next to it, as an eraser, to the edges become nicely straight. however, with a transparant background, thats not possible, i need to use the eraser which gives me another crooked edge because of my un-steady hand. I could try a way around with layers & magical hands & stuf
  5. yea, that would be very handy i just found out this program exists and i really like it tho i could really use these guide-lines, or help-lines just some lines u can 'draw' and see but that dont really exist, u know tnx
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