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  1. I havent used Paint.NET for a while, and i havent done anything. I have tried reinstalling, but it appears a error and a Runtime error from C++. Is it a error with a plugin or something? :?
  2. Your pretty good at this, Rick Shame that this doesnt work on mobile phones though. The Nokia 5800 would have been great with HD pics..
  3. Finally a norwegian pack It doesnt matter if the help file isnt in norwegian for meh I know english words pretty good 8)
  4. We norwegians also need our own localization.. The danish and swedish guys got a localization pack.. Why wont someone be kind enough to make one? (How many are norwegian on this forum? :S )
  5. Better in Swedish than english.. Where is the Norwegian translations?? I cant translate it.. :oops:
  6. Could someone tell me where i find fonts? Im a newbie...(REAL newbie)
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