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  1. When I turned on my computer this morning it said there were errors and asked if I wanted to fix them. I fixed them and tried to reload this plugin and IT WORKED!!! I did nothing different than I had been doing. It just suddenly worked!!! This is a great pack!!! I can't wait to start creating!!!
  2. I loved your transparency plugin that I downloaded before. I use it all the time! I wanted to be able to use these additional plugins that you made. I also wanted to be able to use the highlight shadow recovery... My paint dot net is about all I do on my computer...
  3. version 3.22 I tried to open it in windows but it opens in paint.net. I completely reloaded it and it still opens in paint
  4. They are all in the same window that comes up when I open my Effects folder, they say all the same things as my Transparency effect does only the transparency works and they don't. They are all unblocked.
  5. When I opened it Paint.net opened then I got a box that said It could not open this image type.
  6. When I right clicked on it I did not see the option to extract. it says Open, scan, open with, send to, cut copy etc
  7. I also tried this with the shadow highlight recovery and had the same problem. It is a zip file and I have NO CLUE if that makes a difference.
  8. I downloaded this effect pack and it says it's in the effects folder and it says it's unblocked but when I open paint.net it's not there.
  9. OK... Thanks... I guess I will have to load photobucket. I am about 2hr. N of Indianapolis... We go there A LOT to go to Riley (Children's Hospital).
  10. That's ok... I did my pic... I would show it but I can't get it to post. I saved it as a JPEG... maybe that is why.
  11. Yay!!!!! I did it!!! Thank you for all your help. Now I am going to go in and try to use my new effect!!! I alreay noticed that... I investigated to see if it was there. THANKS!!!
  12. I had already unblocked it earlier. I was in the middle of typing my post and feeding the kids all at the same time so by the time I posted my last post Curmudgeon had posted his instructions. It had not been posted when I started to type. I just got my first computer in Dec. I have never had any computer classes so EVERYTHING is new to me. I thought that the icon on the desktop WAS the folder... Now I am going to try to follow his instructions...
  13. I left clicked on the transparency icon and drug it on top of the paint.net icon, then I depredded the mouse button. I waited a minute and then opened paint.net, went into effects and everything was the same.... still no transparency...
  14. I had already tried that and I got a message saying "this type of image can not be opened in this program" I thought I was doing it wrong... Before I get that message it asks me if I want to move it to this folder, I click yes then it says this image can not be opened in this program.... Any ideas
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