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  1. I love thee kind of orb effect andd it's simple. 9.5/10
  2. Quite plain. But i love howw you've made it transparent. 8.9/10
  3. 7/10 Bit Plain. But i don't know if its my computer cuz last time i saw it it was big noww its small. If youu madde it lyk tht u made it too small. But i like the colours
  4. Which one shall be my sig.. and rate them . ORR .. ORR keep my one? rate all three
  5. 5/10 Quite plain. But simple, which isn't bad. I like the use of blur in the background.
  6. M33NA-OX


    Good tutoriall.. andd good effect.. here's my try.. Quite pleased Especially with the sun, because i did that on me own and i only just realised that part to the tutorial might try it your way noww..
  7. i have done tht aswell. But i like that one because looks like wer dancing
  8. 7.5/10 I like it and the gradient bars are of a good use. [and i like Linkin Park] but its a bitt plain :S
  9. Awsome Tutorial Little Advice : It would help a bit more if the pictures were a bit bigger. Other than tht .. like i said Awsome Tut.
  10. Good song. But me listenin to >> Pendulum >> Granite [Dillinga Mix] once finished gna listen to >> Aveneged Sevenfold >> Beast And The Harlot .
  11. Hardly improved but i decided to have a go -.- PS. Yourrs is way bttr.
  12. Banksy, He is a secret graffiti artist. Google him, he is really good, i got his book "Wall and Piece" for christmas, I love it!
  13. True. The person below just went to the toilet.
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