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  1. wooow comander sozo very impressive designs i would like a sig because i havent gotten great at using paint.net yet so i would like something to hold me off till then, if you would use the bleeding cowboy font that would be awesome and if you want to put the name on it you can just use mclovin
  2. 10/10 i need to visit that thread and see if i can get one cuz mine is terrible
  3. i know they are an emo band but by no means ami i emo, i just like their music and i dont wanna be classified who i am as a person by what i listen to. i have only listened to one screamo song and that was the screamo version of crank dat soulja boy which hilarious
  4. not that bad i like the font you used for virus so 8/10 i know mine i terrible but rate it truthfully any way
  5. haha and here is a stupid idea i had that turned into a crappy pic/joke
  6. and no i found this thread intensly boring at least for now and posted a frivilous comment that i didnt care about but needed to be corrected
  7. and The Omega Man was a remake of the movie The Last Man On Earth which wasnt that bad for its time
  8. Well mine is fairly obvious Alex is my name and i took Mclovin from Superbad " I AM MCLOVIN !" i can quote the entire movie and its awesome
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