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  1. Wow. Looks almost like the real thing. Great job!
  2. Looks good as a juice but as a fruit it looks rather unappealing.
  3. Okay. You won me over. I'll give Firefox a shot.
  4. There is an IE theme for Firefox. You could also try Opera. Where would I find and download that theme? Also, would all my favourited pages be transferred to Firefox?
  5. Why don't you just try firefox - if you don't like it you can always switch back. I have tried firefox before. My parents had it on their old computer. Ran not bad but I didn't like the feel of it. I dunno, just the way the look goes together and stuff :?
  6. The character's Kuchiki Byakuya from the anime Bleach. He's captain of Squad 6 of the Gotei 13. Anyway, for tophat. 7,5/10. Not a fan of your colour scheme.
  7. Oh, lol. Talk about missing the obvious.
  8. WOOT! You're a fan of planes I take it?
  9. Like I said, I grew up with Garfield and old habits die hard, lol.
  10. True. I just personally don't see the point in having two programs that do the same thing when I'm only going to be doin C++ programming for a few more months. Just took it as an elective. It actually has nothing to do with my major, lol.
  11. If you are a college student, google "DreamSpark". You get something much much better. Can't. The college I go to uses Visual C++ Studio 2008. So if I want to be able to work at home I'm kind of stuck using it.
  12. Generally you know when somebody has your credit card number. Put yourself in their shoes. If you're a criminal and have someone's credit card number you're not just gonna go "Oh, that's interesting." Chances are you'd start making charges on it. Thus far I've never had any fraudulant charges on my card. No, they usually try to get more information from you so they can steal your identity and ruin you completely. Well then joke's on them cause I lie on those kinds of things online
  13. That you know of. But whatever, use the crippled software if that's what you want. Don't say we didn't warn you. Generally you know when somebody has your credit card number. Put yourself in their shoes. If you're a criminal and have someone's credit card number you're not just gonna go "Oh, that's interesting." Chances are you'd start making charges on it. Thus far I've never had any fraudulant charges on my card.
  14. I found this on the net a while ago and it's a really cool idea. Thought I'd share it with you guys in case any of you are interested. It essentially talks about the plausibility of a real life warp drive. Article
  15. And I've never had any problems with it. I've never had compromized security. No one has ever gotten my credit card numbers nor so much as a phone number. @Mike.Ryan52 You can't compare software issues with physical injuries.
  16. The site said the most severe unpatched issue was moderatelly critical. Moderate doesn't sound too bad to me.
  17. According to Secunia, an antivirus company, Internet Explorer 6 contains 124 security advisories, 21 of which remain unpatched. Over half of these are "Moderately" to "Extremely" critical; over 90% of them are vulnerabilities from a remote computer. As for tabs, Firefox warns you if you try to close the window with more than one tab open. I've used Firefox for about four years and have never looked back. And, as has been mentioned, it makes the lives of those of us who code web pages much harder when you use a legacy browser. Bad experiences? I've heard of no one who has had a bad experience with Mozilla. I code webpages too. I optimize my site for IE6 and it looks the same on their as it does for my friend with Firefox. Some of my friends that tried it in the past had huge issues with it with it constantly crashing one of my friend's computer whenever he tried to open it.
  18. You can set Firefox to keep tabs in between sessions, so no loss there. If there's a crash, no problem as the session manager will restore everything back as it was, including history.Accidentally closed a tab? Also no problem as you can restore previously closed tabs with the tap of Ctrl + Shift + T. And, as david commented, you can have an IE6 theme. Win-win, methinks. Hmmm. You make some convincing arguements. I just don't know though... I've talked to people who have had really bad experiences with Firefox.
  19. Either, I recommend C#. For free you can use CodeLab or Visual C# Express, or you could simply use the compiler that comes with .NET - but I strongly advise against it. If you do decide to use C++ I know that right now Microsoft is giving away Visual C++ Studio 2008 Express for free. Normally runs you about $500-$800.
  20. You have no idea how broken IE6 is. If everybody in the world upgraded to Firefox, then web designing would be so much easier! Just ask someone like Helio, Crazy Man Dan, or anyone else that has coded a web page by hand (such as I), and they'll rant on about how most of the time, you're coding for the sake of making things look right in Internet Explorer. IE doesn't even use nearly the correct web standards! It took me about 30 minutes to code this, 3 hours to make it more valid according to W3C standards [which have been around since 1994, before the first version of Internet Explorer was released], another 3 hours to try to make it look right in IE, and another hour to figure out that Firefox was the only browser that rendered it correctly. I plan on recoding the page, but I'm not going to even attempt to make it IE compatible. I hate tabbed browsing. I find it easier to stay organized with a seperate window for each page. Tabs is much easier! All you do is click on a button already in your window! And you don't even have to click; just press Ctrl+Tab and you move to the next tab. And it's not like you're confined to one window. You can set FF up to load new pages in new windows (though that'll severely reduce productivity)! And if you think IE is fast, then you are sadly mistaken. I used to think the same thing for a long time, but once IE started freezing on me after about 10 hours of use, the thought came to me--"I wonder if this happens to every program?" And 30 minutes later, I found Firefox. I installed it, and was baffled by the 5 second boot time and the strangely seamless browsing speed (with slightly reduced page loading times) and no annoying Click-to-Activate "ActiveX Control" bar (ironically named, yes). Not only that, but you can edit the position of your buttons by simply right-clicking and pressing "Customize...", giving you complete sovereignty over your space (including the ability to create, mix, and match toolbars). Oh, and the logo's cool, too. The problem with tabs is if you accidently close the window instead of having to track down one page again you have to track down 4 or 5. @david.atwell No offence but I'm not going to take that it's as unsecure as you say it is on faith. Proof or I'm definetally not believing you on that.
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