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  1. What's wrong with using a tutorial? Saying you shouldn't use a tutorial is like saying you shouldn't use any of the knowledge you acquired in school because you didn't figure it out for yourself. It jut doesn't make sense. Who cares if I used a tutorial or not. 5/10 Too plain.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the Super Smash Brothers series anymore. They're fun at first but they tend to get old fast. Not much difference between the different games of the series either.
  3. 7/10 It's a little busy and your text is a little hard to read. That could just be my eyes not liking your selected font though.
  4. Does anybody here listen to Billy Talent? If so, what do you think of them?
  5. Not a lot of work to this but funny none the less, lol.
  6. Seems to be. All the Google results i've seen are Canadians eh. A real shame. They were quite good.
  7. Ya, I already tried that, lol. They disappeared about 8 years ago as far as I can recall. They were pop flavoured snacks. I remember they had root beer flavoured pieces that looked like a foamy mug. Since so many people never heard of them I'm starting to think they may have been a Canada only thing.
  8. Here's an interesting, extremely off topic, question. What ever happened to those old fruit snacks called Sodalicious? Do they still make them?
  9. What's wrong with live and let live and to each their own? No skin off your back.
  10. Looks interesting. I shall add it to my list.
  11. I did try Firefox with several add-ons. Wasn't to my liking so I looked for another option. A friend recommended IE7 so I'm giving it a try.
  12. That doesn't change the fact that there's no excuse. That is irrelavent. The browser I'm currently using doesn't support that feature therefore it does not concern me. I was merely commenting on a problem I have frequently encountered and did not know that a fix existed for Microsoft is notorious for assuming that every English speaking country spells every word the same way as the US.
  13. I think you are confused. I'm not complaining about the browser I'm using. I was complaining about a feature of a browser that was suggested to me.
  14. We're not talking about Firefox btw, lol.
  15. Whilst I hate to endorse such Internet blasphemy, if you do intend on plumping for IE7, may I suggest the extension IE7Pro, which, as the website states, 'includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable'?I may dislike IE7, but I dislike moreso insecurity: IE7Pro should help alleviate some of IE7's shortcomings in that department... and give you spell checking. I hate browser spell checkers. They're always set up for American English and I speak Canadian English. As such I get spelling errors abound.
  16. I personally don't care much about features. I just want to be able to go to websites. Besides, it's something I'm a bit more familiar with. I've used it a fair bit at school.
  17. At least its safer and there are tonnes of extensions you can download to get your browser to do what you want. True. I've decided to give IE7 a shot. A friend of mine swears by it so I figured what the heck.
  18. If you're absolutelly new to Paint.net I personally wouldn't recommend using the beta. Betas are known for their iffy reliability.
  19. Actually Jim Davis hasn't done any of the writing or artwork for the Garfield comic strips for nearly a decade. He tells the cartoonists generally what he wants them to do then puts his signature on the strip after it's done. The other cartoonists do everything else for him. From what I read he handles the merchandising and the handling of the Garfield brand.
  20. Ya know, I'm not liking Firefox all that much. I think I'm going to give some of the other browsers a try see if I like them better.
  21. Is it possible to set the buttons to perform a keystroke when pressed? I believe so.
  22. I decided to try Firefox now the back/forward buttons on my mouse don't work. It's really annoying having to actually move the mouse and click >< It's a Logitech Setpoint MX610 if anybody knows a fix to this problem.
  23. Hmm, and what got us on the topic of browsers in the first place? You... ranting about.... links... not working right.... And that is not "broke"? You must be a masochist. And IE7 is significantly less crappy than IE6. But still crappy. Glad to hear you've been persuaded to give Firefox a shot. Or was it Opera? 6 pages of off-topic is a lot to catch up with.... Opera, Firefox, either way, good call. Rant: 6 pages of rants?! Really?!? The links only didn't work on this forum. Everywhere else worked fine.
  24. Oh! You gotta do in WITH Firefox, lol. I downloaded it with IE, lol.
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