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  1. i keep it in the effects file but it deosn't appear??? anyone can help me fix this problem.
  2. well i paid for vista a lot so i have to love it lol, no really it's way better then Vista, people just havent got used to it. after some time it becomes as easy as breathing. XP is now overlooked by Game Industries and Microsoft and people are switching on to Vista. Aww the classic Mac VS Windows, well i hardly used Mac so i have to say Windows but during the 15 minutes i used it i had hell of problems of course but it looked cool and i love the layout of it.
  3. hot ouch i burned my fingers lol, anyway kick tut man.
  4. i have only one word. Fish- well yes fish as in the fish we eat but i end almost every sentetence with it and i use it as a swear word ^_^ cause im so close to get expled from school and i am hot tempered so i have to use it or off with my head lol.
  5. nice tutorial man, i'll try posting my result later.
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