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  1. Oh my gosh. I'm a 3D designer and I've needed this for so long. This and custom brushes were the only reasons I used photoshop. Goodbye photoshop.......
  2. Ever since I updated PDN to v3.30, like 1/5 plugins crash when opened. Why.......lol
  3. Mike Ryan Google http://www.biosci.utexas.edu/ib/faculty/RYAN.HTM LOL
  4. 10/10 Really sweet. Love the detail and effects. WELL DONE!
  5. 10/10 dude your sig is sweet! I love how the first letter stands out
  6. I think those are really cool! I wuv soccer Did you make the Xbox game cover? Really neat. 25/25
  7. Kroom

    Robos Gallery

    I like the 3rd and 4th. Looking good
  8. Kroom


    Great glass effects! I LOVE the robo thing
  9. Scropion is really good. And the rest 15/10
  10. False, it's Saturday :o The person below me is gonna post below me.
  11. thirdstreettito Whoa that's a tongue twister! 8.5/10
  12. 9/10 for rasengan105 Cool and I really like but the repetivtive Paint.Net logo is a bit odd. Good Job though...
  13. My try at it: And a little bit of added fun: Hope you like them
  14. Hey I just wanted to say Hi. I'm a new user, well I had another account but I forgot the username AND password AND email :oops: So whatever Im back!
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