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  1. Hi - yes the Unfreez programme. I am particularly stupid I'm afraid. I've just done what you suggested. I end up with a saved file - what do I do then - how do I actually run the animation - I still get prompted to save the file whenever I push the button.
  2. Hi when I tried to do this with some time lapsed shots - I got as far as creating the gif files and saving them - but when I clicked the "make animation" button it only asked me to save again - I can't get it to move. I'm being very stupid!! can you help please
  3. I'm sure this is a very silly question!!! Is it possible to "de-layer" a single image so that I could remove each of the main clours (RGB) into separate layers and then adjust the pixels which are solely in those colour ramnges. So that in efect I end up with say 3 layers from the single image one each for the RG and B colour ranges??
  4. Hi I tried that but they both came up as background
  5. Hi - I'm new - as you can soon tell. When I import a new layer it only seems to load as background - not as a layer number. I want to superimpose an image om top of the background ( a photo of my dog actually) and crop it so it sits in one corner of th photo. Then I want to erase pixels around it so the background colours show through around the dog. I also want to resize the layer containing the dog to make it bigger. How do I do all that Keith
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