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  1. Pluberus, try giving the tank some motion to give it more dynamics.


    Saw some text that looked quite cool on VectorTuts, recreated in PDN.


    Notice that the reflection has no lighter parts. It is purposely black & white, for reasons i don't know (even though i did make it). It just is.

    wowowowow I like it very much. I will try make my one.

  2. First, I wanna congratulate you for this plug, is very good, and very useful.

    Second, I have too the error that J6628426 had reported.

    I cannot seem to open LARGE vista icons set as compressed.

    I create some icons and any of those don't work. :( Yet I hasn't found a constant factor.

    - I has used images with background.

    - Without it (with transparency).

    - Large (800x800) to extralarge (3000x3000) images.

    - I saving only 256x256 and 32 depth and don't work.

    - I press "Select all" bottom.

    I don't know what happens. My Windows vista is a Home Basic edition.

    I hope that you can fix it.

    How you request for a sample icon with this problem I create one for you.

    - Paint.NET 3,2x

    - Source image: Is a sample image of Windows Vista

    - Canvas size: 700x700

    - Image cropped

    - Image without transparency

    - Save as ICO at all posible resolutions.

    Use WinRar to join the two parts!




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