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  1. Many thanks, I wainting for it many many time! I love it!!!!
  2. Yes jiZer it is a ├╝bermanipulation, where are the dog? Very nice twin house
  3. wowowowow I like it very much. I will try make my one.
  4. Very good, simple and nice. Perfect to print it
  5. My unique problem is that I cannot see the large and extralarge icons when I save it with your plug. And sorry, but I will not posting more. Your actitude is very bad, offensive, I think. So I uninstall it and for this function I will still use Any2Icon Bye and thanks for nothing.
  6. I am still waiting for a update. I hope that it be release soon!
  7. First, I wanna congratulate you for this plug, is very good, and very useful. Second, I have too the error that J6628426 had reported. I create some icons and any of those don't work. Yet I hasn't found a constant factor. - I has used images with background. - Without it (with transparency). - Large (800x800) to extralarge (3000x3000) images. - I saving only 256x256 and 32 depth and don't work. - I press "Select all" bottom. I don't know what happens. My Windows vista is a Home Basic edition. I hope that you can fix it. How you request for a sample icon with this problem I create one for you. - Paint.NET 3,2x - Source image: Is a sample image of Windows Vista - Canvas size: 700x700 - Image cropped - Image without transparency - Save as ICO at all posible resolutions. Use WinRar to join the two parts! Bye. Forest.part1.rar Forest.part2.rar
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